Sunday, October 14, 2012

uh Weird!

My last entry here was a year ago. Well The Dahlia had this adorable bud grow from her and she's been nurturing the hell out of it!

I did want to drop in and let everyone know about a couple of films we've been watching while we prepare for Halloween. After becoming a mother I realized I have become a wimp when it comes to Horror. I am now the woman that covers her face. It has something to do with hormones, or the vagina if you ask my friend, Any Republican Male. But what I did see of these movies I wanted to share..

Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter: I think you have to be drunk, or rolling to enjoy this movie. Or just really good at turning reality off. I enjoy the real story so much and I worry young kids see this and go "well SOME of that has to be true". No children...not one damn thing in this movie is accurate!! I'm thankful Steven Spielberg is knocking some sense into movie goers this winter with her film. 

The Pact: This picks up a lot quicker than modern horror films and I liked that. All too often we are supposed to get to know the people before anything crazy happens and I could give a bibble about all that. Get to the scares! The story is about a woman who while staying in her recently deceased mothers home is visited by something from beyond the grave. Pretty simple but the plot soon picks up. Visually the movie delivers some great trick photography scares and offers a "realistic" idea of what a haunting would be like. I had to cover my eyes is what I'm trying to say...

We continue with our nightly movie tonight and hopefully I'll have a couple more to note!