Friday, December 3, 2010

The Disney Princess Time Forgot

I've always wondered why princess stories like Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin and The Princess and the Pea have been ignored by Disney for so long. All three have potential to bring about a new age in Disney musicals but for some reason no one ever really went for them. Thankfully we have Tangled to add to our collection.

Based on the hairy story of Rapunzel, Tangled has the perfect voice for 18 year old Rapunzel: Mandy Moore.

Now I've liked and disliked Mandy on many different occasions, but I think she's found a new way to use her voice. Animated Mandy is to die for!

The film itself regenerates a lot of Disney classics. The musical scene of the movie has Rapunzel cleaning and sweeping around her tower, reminiscent of both Cinderella and Snow White. Gothel, Rapunzel's "adopted" mother has a mash up of multiple Disney villains, most notably Ursula, Jafar and Scar). This theme continues and after a while it kind of gets annoying. Is there anything original about the plot line itself anymore? No not really! But it's still better than Disney's last epic fail of a movie, The Princess and the Frog.

What sets this movie apart is its AMAZING animation. I'm telling you there is no need for a 3D version of this movie. The water and forests look real as real can be. In the characters dancing alone, there is such attention to detail. Even their fingers move almost realistically. Even everyone's hair look (beautiful) and real.

Most of all, I've really grown to love the song selection they chose. I've read that there were additional songs written for the film, and they were deleted to the trash bin. Personally I would've gone with 2, possibly 3 more narrative songs but I won't be ungrateful!

PS For some reason, I love love love villains more than the good guys. So here is Gothel's "Mother Knows Best". I love the Broadway style they used throughout the film for her.