Saturday, October 23, 2010

So why are people upset that these people are hot?

Glee is a semi sorta kinda family show. I can understand that families have very few shows that they can watch together.

But why are people (uptight women) in such a tizzy over the Glee cast posing in a hot, sexy, sex party photo shoot? *said in my best Kazakhstan accent* It's the same "sex sells" gimmick magazines have been using for years. I really don't even know people who read GQ who aren't old enough to realize whats being sold here. Soft, socially acceptable pornographic art.

The show itself is so for adults its not even funny. The singing keeps the kids entertained but everything else goes over their heads unless they've hit puberty. If you've managed to raise a child in this day in age, they already surf the internet mad hoored so it's essentially like trying to keep your sons from watching porn and your daughters from thinking they're fat (unfortunately). The pictures themselves are extremely beautiful and the girls conjure up memories of Farrah and the other Angels.

That was okay when it clearly was just tug art for dudes walls and  incentive for girls to go on a Jell-O diet.

The ladies look fucking amazing. And to be honest, I've seen worse photos in a Victoria's Secret catalog (funnily enough, that's where their undies are from). So I don't understand why those big ass posters and suggestively posed mannequins can be displayed in a mall right across from a Gap Kids, but these people can't get some really great pictures taken for a cover story interview.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whip it baby!

Willow Smith's song "Whip My hair" is a fantastic. It's a great song for kids to enjoy and its good enough to be in the clubs too. The attitude and confidence in her voice and words are something every little girl should hear.

So when I saw that a mashup had been done with a Sesame street Muppet scene, I knew I'd have to dig a little deeper into the story of this video. Turns out a father and writer for S-Town wrote "I Love My Hair" for his obviously african american (adopted) baby. WONDERFUL!

It is so hard to live life with black hair if you don't know just how beautiful and amazing it is. There are plenty of times when I remember being made fun of because of my afro hair. Many men I dated back in the day thought they couldn't touch it! I mean c'mon..its hair.

I applaud Joey Mazzarino, the head writer S-Strizeet for understanding the plight of The Little Black Girl! Thank You! But I'm gonna have to say that Willow's mash up is a weeeee bit better AM I RIGHT?


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well You're a Fucking Idiot, Aren't You?

This is why I wish I still stayed at home. Bill O'fucktard was on The View this week and blatantly bitch slapped women, muslims and Americans within 5 minutes.

1. Don't EVER tell a woman "listen to me and you'll learn something". It's rude, sir.

2. You're wrong about everything, ever.

Muslims did kill people on 9/11. Muslims who happened to be TERRORISTS. This is basic and I cannot fathom why this adult man can't see the distinction. Joy and Whoopie were right to walk off stage because talking to idiots like Bill just needs to stop. There is no end to a conversation like that because most right wingers are also "have the last worders" too. Anything to "win" right?

I don't understand why people are up in arms over this masque. And I really dont understand why stupid racist Amercians think they can tell people "just not here" and think they are being fair. Build the fucking masque! Show the rest of the world that is watching us, that we are not the hateful bigots they want to get rid of! It's not in poor taste because 25% of the population is Muslim! They are share holders guys! Muslims have the right to build wherever they want because they are amazing human beings who have been hated from multiple sides for thousands of years! Give them a break and let them turn that stinky yoga studio into a place of worship. Maybe their prayers could liven up the joint.

How come we don't realize that America is to blame for 9/11. We think we own the world and that its our way or the highway. We are the bully that finally got nailed in the nose by that brown kid no one talks to. We had PROOF the attacks were coming and shook them off! I mean c'mon, we were as Tom Cruise says "being smug" about our safety.

Bill, any other television channel woulda canned your ass after this massive brain spew. Thank your lucky stars you're not on a real one.

PS Fuck it, we'll do it live!
What an asshole


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aw shucks

Well Courtney Cox is Courtney Cox again I guess!

After 11 years, the best hollywood marriage EVER has ended. Courtney and David are no more? At least thats what its looking like. Apparently this could mean huge ratings for her Cougar show I've never seen.

I will say, they put in a good 11 years and should just die together. Thats a long ass time to just get over.

plus they are so right for each other. Who's gonna take care of David now????? Doesn't he still look like such a goofy goof? cute to me, annoying to Courtney. I can dig it gurl. I'm Team Get Back Together Guys, Scream 4 Will Be Uncomfy If You Don't.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thank god it was 3:41

I am not a Miley fan. I don't think there's been a time when I enjoyed her besides initially liking "Party in the USA" for a hot minute. Her voice sounds like shes been smoking for years and her arms remind me of a T-Rex's

Anyway, this video is just over the top sexy for a girl still in high school. We all thought Britney was a slut, but who knew the Miley Gang Bang Train would soon roll in. I mean this is what B nasty was doing at 17

And now we have Miley doing what could very well be mistaken for a foreign "club sex" video if you didn't put your contacts in before viewing...

Is it really because The Dahlia's birthday is in less than 2 hours that I find this totally inappropriate? How long till she and Justin Beiber are caught in a hot tub with an 8 ball and some negro friends doin em up the butt? Can you seriously imagine that on OK! Magazine? The Beibs totally still has a hat on of course..

Shout out to Lady Jones for the video!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chaz Bono is very large

Being a very big Cher fan, I've recently come to a crossroads in my fandom. On the one hand, if Cher code tells me that The Cher can do no wrong, any that came from her womb must be Cher(ished). On the other hand, I feel as if Chaz Bono is a hot fucking mess of a person.


Chaz is just too fat. I say this as a fellow chubster, mind you. It's not mean, kind of like how black people can say Nigga an it's not racist, dig? Anyway, I understand he is going through MAJOR body changes that push ones temple to the limits...But why are you that fat? And why have you been that fat for so long? It is as if he is trying to conceile every piece of himself that could possibly resemble a woman's. Not to mention, shouldn't a person be in good health before starting such a transformation? I mean thats its definition of hormone therapy what this dudeette has embarked upon.

Am I wrong here?


This weeks favorite song: "D's mutha fucka D's, Rosie Perez"

I don't really know what it is about Kanye. He's just a fantastic artist that I think trumps the likes of Lady Gaga. I was surprised when they announced their now dead tour plans, because Lady Gaga was the public draw. Not Kanye. After his MTV "ooooooooooooo" moment the tour plans were scraped. You could say it was all staged since that very same awards night catapulted Gaga's career enough to pay for her mega expensive "Monster's Ball Tour"...hmm

But anyway with my heart eagerly awaiting his new album, my Pandora account has been dominated by Mr. West c/o my beautifully crafted Kid Cudi station. "Good Morning" is a great weekend song to play right after you wake up. It's soon to be my new alarm song for good reason!