Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No way!

Jesus Cristo say it isn't so! Susan and Tim are no more after being together my entire lifetime? NOOOO!!!!

I love love loved this super hippie indie couple so much. Hopefully it was amicable and hopefully it will be brief! These two have had such an amazing run both romantically and publicly. they have done so much for the Democratic party as well! Seeing them with their peace signs is so much fun!

Maybe they just need to do another movie together..

I sound like one of their kids "maybe if you guys spend more time together you'll like each other again, riiiiiigghht :-( "


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

According to Who?

Orianthi's new song "According to You" is pretty interesting in a few ways. It's got some interesting anthem qualities but also touches on some very deep and truthful moments in a lot of relationshiTs.

Orianthi was to play guitar on the This Is It tour because of her amazing guitar abilities and this shines (somewhat briefly) in the song. I'm kind of disappointed she isn't just wailing on her first single as a performer. It's all very safe as to not frighten all the little teen boys shes supposed to be attracting.

Oh and why is her band all guys? I for one HATE when a female lead has all male back up. Get some girls in their for crying out loud, we can't all be Gladys Knight.

And don't even get me started on the Lita Ford comparisons. Why do girls with guitar talent have to be sexualized to make up for it everytime? not saying that Lita Ford is even half as talented at the guitar than this girl though...(she's amazing)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Im A Bee!

Loving this song so much! I will say though that after seeing a bee on the cover its just sounding like "I'm a bee". which is very cute.

The song is one of the many hits off BEP's "The End" and the reason why it rocks so hard is that its really 3 songs in one. It starts off with Fergie, speeds up, and then gets a little funky at the end. Why arent more songs doing this? Enjoy being creative! Instead of "verse chorus verse"!!!

Will.I.Am has always been an innovative force behind the group and is such an excellent producer! No wonder MJ loved working with him in the end!

on a downer note, they've been dressing all weird lately (more so) because they hired Lady Gaga's stylist. No Joke. The guys look great but Fergie looks like she should be at ComicCon at a booth standing real real still.


This song kills it!

*aww shucks. They might as well hold hands right??

I love Luda. I always have. How can you not??? He's had so many commercial hits, hes an ok actor and he just seems fun. I mean anyone who has Alvin and C's in their song is fantasmic.

I've been hearing remixes of this song all night. Unforch they've all been better than the original but thats not important right now. The important thing is that I found a new favorite song!

Anyway here's the audio! Enjoy yaaallll


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Better but its still a lot more humping than dancing

Brit Brits new "uncut" video for "Three" which means they left in another HOT outfit and some more pelvis.

To be honest, I still remember seeing Britney's vagina so these zoom ins of a covered coot are really unnecessary.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WHY is everyone so shocked about Tiger?

This dude has been majorly famous for the past decade and you are all shocked he's been fuckin around and cruising in his escalade like a skinny, ugly version of Fiddy??? THE GUY IS GOLF'S JESUS. And lets not forget Jesus even had a ho...

Anyway Tiger was fired from Gatorade and I'm pretty sure everything else with his face on it is gonna go bye bye. I actually feel bad for the guy but not as much as I feel bad for any woman he's ever had sex with, just because hes a very awkward man to imagine having sex with. I'm sure when he shoots a load he yells "fore!".

ew thats gross

PS His wife is too hot. Of course he's gonna cheat on her with an uglier woman. Sometimes dudes can't handle pretty!


Friday, December 4, 2009


Long time no see right?

Well blame majoring in psychology, being the part time mother of 11 two year olds and the adoptive mother a bouncing baby boy!

and by boy I mean puppy of course. Yes yes yall, The Dahlia has a son named Brando (pictures soon!)

Anyways, thanks to Camila for this hilarious tutorial! I admit I am guilty of watching tutorials made by really stupid high school girls on how to look "sexy". I may be 22 but I still want to look 16 for as long as I can, I dunno about you...

Not only is her voice SPOT ON for a lot of chicks I've known, but the "look at it" had me LOLing pretty hard. Watch all the way through yall!