Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I like the song...

Other bloggers are saying they aren't enjoying Mariah C's new single about Eminem, "Obsessed". All I have to say is..this lady has been famous forever so she can do any kind of song she damn well likes at this point. I enjoy that it isn't some kind of popper infused dance club hit. Theres only so much I can listen to of pre-fab club "dj remix" inspired top 40!!!! There I said it!

Well I like it! (can't wait for the probably hilar video of MC as EM!!!!!)

It's such a good dis song from a FEMALE. We never do good shout out dissin songs!! It's always about love and relationships...never the complete annihilation of a rumor spreading fiend's bullshit lies!

During this part of summer when those first flings are fluttering out, this song is the anthem to any woman who's over it now. Or taken as a literal interpretation, its for any woman Eminem has lied and said he's "sexed". Which is like.....a lot....lets face it he's kind of a loser with a fucked up face now!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Here she goes again

Ms. Fox..can I PLEASE staple your mouth shut?!

"If your idea of a role model is somebody who’s gonna preach to your kids that sex before marriage is wrong and cursing is wrong and women should be this and be that, then I’m not a role model. But if you want your girls to feel strong and intelligent and be outspoken and fight for what they think is right, then I want to be that type of role model, yeah.”

1) she may be strong...but she's still only like 100 bills. Maybe inner strength? the kind you could only get from a 90210 alum?

2) Intelligent. hehe

3) what is she speaking about? what is she fighting for?

Megan Fox is like the real version of a very hilarious and fake movie celeb: Samantha James from "Just Friends"

maybe I'm sick but I think thats exactly what this dumb bitch acts like, only shes not into music YET.

Oh yeah and I hear Transformers 2 sucks, so there... two megan fox thumbs DOWN!

ho has some clubbed fucking thumbs. Whatever she's still prettier than me and I know this.


Woah! MJ's nephew!

While investigating the gigantic Jackson family I came across Austin Jackson's myspace. The kid sounds like Michael if Michael became a hit in the 21st century, no joke.

Not only that but he's cute as a button!!!! awwwww

Austin is Rebbie Jackson (the oldest of the jackson's) son and obviously inherited some chops. Currently working on his first album...he's one of the only Jackson 3-g kids who seems to understand the pay off of hard work. He is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer and he's only 23! Apparently after being backstage for two of his uncles world tours sparked an interest. He began studying piano, guitar, bass and drum and has done all 4 on his new album! wowzers right?

Alls I gotta say is I hope he gets a little recognition and gets to share his talent just as his other family members have.


I just realized the similarities

Hard to deny it. This generation has found new sisters to love and ultimately they will become caricatures of themselves. I wonder how the Kards will age compared to the Gabs!




Poor Billy had heart disease! It had nothing to do with the plane that almost crashed with him on it....though I'm sure it didn't help much in the way of things....

Maybe his heart was just so full of joy about cheap cleaning products that it just couldn't take anymore!!!!

RIP buddy...



Can Tom Everett Scott be in this one too?...Please?

Demension films is remaking American Werewolf in London.

Id like to remind everyone of a film called American Werewolf in Paris. Quite possibly one of the most hilarious "sequal/remake" films EVER. Just an absolute riot if I may say so myself. And really good make up artistry if you like ooey gooey gore!

Thats why I'm wondering if this new remake will just take the same comedy-horror formula and place the storyline back in London....

I hope its funny at least! I cant take the franchise seriously after seeing tom everett scott chew a condom like gum and blow a penis shaped bubble in a cafe....


Sunday, June 28, 2009

MJ's Kids: Who wants em?

We all know they arent his natural children. They are silky haired and pale and its just a big ole "duh". The problem is that I don't think anyone CAPABLE OF RAISING MENTALLY HEALTHY CHILDREN, WANTS THEM!!! These kids will not be better off with grandparents that are probably almost 70...all the brothers and sisters have their own liters of children by now...

Wouldnt it be crazy if Janet (who cannot have children anymore, I'm sure) had the kids. Like a final gift to his little sis. I bet Jurmaine 3ft-pree would be so happy. He seems the type that wants a family lol

According the the mother of Prince and Paris( blanket had an annon mother) she doesnt want them. That makes total sense considering she was a surrogate (I hope perez understands this since he thinks it unnatural for a mother to not want the babies she essentially incubated). I dont think anyone should force these kids to live with her. I dont think they should be forced to do anything because arent they close to tweenage? Can they even talk..?hahah I've always wondered what kind of relationship they had with him. Was it really a father child relationship or more just "this is the grown up who's about as mentally functional as us....hes fun!"

I still say Macaulay Culkin needs to step up and take his god-kids. I bet Mila Kunis would be pleased...





PS he's dead...if you didnt catch it from the past tense... jeez.

Update: apparently he was struck down in the same way Natasha Richardson was: by a bonk on the head! While landing on a US airways flight, two tires burst! Something fell on Mays' head, but he assumed he was fine. ASS out of U and ME Billy....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Changes to the blog!

Thinking of changing up the blog. either by changing blog servers or creating new weekly posts.

Blogger is quite tucked away and while its an easy system, not many people know of it.

Anyway suggestions are gladly accepted! leave em below!


Oh how creepy!

I have been watching michael jackson videos from 1980 onwards...im at 1992 and Heal the World (a great and inspiring jumble of lyrics) is just about the gentlist video I have ever seen... only a 34 year old man singing it is still weird!!!!

anyway I remember the early 90's being VERY Heal The World.

This video pretty much sums up how the early 90's were (sign language interpreter and fucking all). Michael Jackson pretty much dominates those early memories which is crazy. but I guess he was an by them a season pop culture staple of course.

While I'd hate to be an inmate....

What a lovely way to show just how many lives MJ influenced.

I loved these guys when their Thriller video came out, and its nice to know even the 15 minute, incarcerated famers understand where thanks is due. Do they get kinda creepy with Michael Jackson looking like hes getting a sword out of stone? lil bit...but their foreign so its cool


Thursday, June 25, 2009

And now we have a week of bull

The very same media outlets who made fun of him and judge him are doing the regular "what a great and influential soul. An angel among men. Ahead of his time" nonsense.



Entertainment Tonight needs to go.

There was a time when this show was fun! Families could watch it and learn a little about their favorite stars. Now it is a complete pile of bull shit.

For those who do not know, ET.com has published Michael Jackson's last photo. Him in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Absolutely disgusting and wrong. Their entire first page is capturing his family in complete shambles on film. I myself had to close the window to that website and I vow here and now that that is the last of ET for me.

No longer will I support the now completely decayed corpse of a once golden tv gem.

Entertainment Tonight: 1982-2009


Wait WHAT?!

Michael Jackson..the most amazing dude EVER has died?!?!

I went on a interview and cleaned my bathroom and this shit occurs? I think its the end of the world guys...this is it.

I have a feeling that this is some how the next "is he really dead" for our culture. Everyone knows if Elvis wasn't dead then...he certainly would be now. Now we have to wonder if he has faked his death to get out of the spot light once and for all and escape to an island like Dr. Moreau. Or he's died and gone to heavenly Dr. Moreau scenario and as his soul floated up he could hear "Ben"....no wait thats the way I wanna go out.

I always had a soft spot for MJ. His troubled life was the obvious cause of his downfall and not one person would help him. He was without a doubt a lost little boy for his entire 50 years. I hope he is at rest and finally free from his money hungry family's grip. They literally tapped him of his talent and left the remains for the media to pick at.

But wow. Dude of the Week (the last for a while..details later) goes to MJ.


I am truly heartbroken

We lost a wonderful woman this morning. I still cannot believe she did not make it through this disease. Such a strong and jubilant woman.

It pains me even more that Ryan didn't get to marry the love of his life. This is seriously "Love Story" all over again!!! nooo!!!!!!

Rest peacefully Farrah. You deserve it!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

But WHY are there dinosaurs now?....

Ice Age was a sublime movie franchise until they pooped this onto the screens. Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs...wait what? yeah thats right, the studio decided "enough with facts!" and brought dinosaurs to hang out with effing saber tooth squirrel 'n shit.

Like WHAT???? Lie to all your kids even more????

People all over the web are debating whether or not this is the most ridiculous jumping of the shark of a movie franchise ever. Others are simply saying that its a childrens movie so why expect a history lesson.

I was unaware that insightful films couldn't be children's movies...


Perez won't shut up

I still have little sympathy for the man. And I hate violence! I think people should never hit...but if ever there was someone to be hit...it HAS TO BE PEREZ HILTON!

Think about the years of horrible insults slung upon real people...that's enough karma to do more damage than Black Eyed Peas' manager!

Anyway the blogger is now taking the band and management to court over the incident. He has also decided we should all forget that he called Will.I.Am a fucking faggot...cause ya know, he's gay so he can call people faggot and not get in trouble. But I'm sure if asked he'd say that not even blacks should say nigger because its hateful.

Is Perez Cookie starting to crumble into a pile of hypocrisy?

And on that note...when will people learn to stop calling black men faggot? I haven't a clue why the word riles them up so much so don't ask....but just stop doing it!!!!


Jonathan Rhys Meyers+Airports don't mix I guess

Poor Jonathan. I love this guy ever so much. I always rave about my first experience with Meyers when he starred in Gormenghast on PBS.

But the dude has some problems.
He's dealt with a lot of health problems and recently lost his mother and the timing couldnt be worse. He has a successful HBO show and is expected to be at the tip top of his game.

I hope he gets some help, and maybe this time rehab wont cut it..


Burger King is the nasty booty call you never use

Seriously? This is a REAL Burger King ad thats running.

The sad thing is, most guys will probably just want the sandwich if this was printed everywhere....lol

I remember when Burger King was almost a wholesome family place, similar in funtastic ball pit fun to Mcdonalds. Now they remind me of std's...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Perez doesn't need you. But I do!

Perez got jumped by Black Eyed Peas and he has now taken to his cam to defend himself. Though he just comes off looking like a bitch.

1) how many name drops can one handle

2) HE DIDNT ASK TO BE FAMOUS? yeah right. well I'm asking. Make me famous. I can take it better and deeper than Perez...

3) See what happens when you use your international voice for evil?

Perez's Statement

Like give me a break! You bully celebrities all day long, and when they come back at you, you cant take it? That was niggas bein niggas dude! YOU, PEREZ, EXPERIENCED A NIGGA MOMENT.

Be happy you fucking survived cause it was just the muthafuckin Black Eyed Peas.

Perez you are powerful....but you need to realize you have a lot of people to thank for your celebrity. Black Eyed Peas are an aging group trying to keep their star lit. It doesnt help when all you do is pick on every member for their short comings physically and professionally. I mean when is the last time this queen has said something nice about Pee My Pants Fergie??????


Saturday, June 20, 2009


That sure is hell is what I will be calling the most adorable presidential best friend! Bo Obama is just too cute for words!

I love that the dog is black and white. So simply and classy! I'm oddly happy that this family is now complete! yaaaaaaaay yaaaaaall!

PS...our president is ridic hot. I mean I can't even see his face in these pics and I want to give myself to him like he's my God. Praise Obama!! lalalallalalallaa
Alright that was racist. Whatever.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So bad its good!

I hope everyone remembers this song as fondly as I do! The song itself is very cool even though its like really 90's. We can all forgive outdated lyrics. The video is unforgivably horrible though.

1) why doesnt the one dude have a shirt on. washboard or no...you cant be the only dude without a shirt on in a group of sensual joes...

2) Is this song really about a late night nubian maid?! hope so!

The acapella version they play on the radio is my absolute favorite version btw. Beautiful. The high note at the end of "my friend" makes me giggle every time!


how'd she fall asleep?

when her fucking face was being stabbed by a needle?

no really.

How does someone claim they were asleep during a facial tattoo. i have two regular inks myself and would never be able to fall asleep. Pass out is more like it you dumb dumb!

We all know you either passed out drunk or high or the story is correct that your father flipped out and you lied to cover your ass.

There is no way in hell this girl got 50 something stars all over her face and was sound asleep for how ever many HOURS it took to complete!

I call bullshit for sure!

PS don't get stars cause its way out of date! obviously since they are all the rage in Belgium now...

oh and this is the tat artist. he seems honest for realzies

Lil odd


All the late night kings are swappin it up...and Letterman decides to make a joke about the Devil herself, Sarah Palin. A sure fire way to get your name in the papers right a long side Conan and Jay.

David you're too old for this!

Now. I dont think about Alaska very much so whatever we were doing before we need to do again. I had no clue about Sarah Palin when she kept her ass in her own damn state and only made local calls. I bet everyone in her contacts wishes her phone would fucking break. what a loser she is! These jokes are not bad, bitch. They are jokes everyone has said about your stupid abstinence only taught children. No wonder one had a baby, apparently you think those classes work! now go status update about the current status of our economy and what you plan to do for your state instead of what a late night host said about your frisky daughter.

she calls everyone she can to make statements no one cares about. YOU ARE A POLITICIAN NOT A CELEBRITY SARAH!

Be real.

PS I swear if David L gets in trouble for his jokes...I have to move out of this country lol


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So catty

"Fall back bitches!" -Nicole

watching the pussycat dolls videos...is like watch Destiny's Child videos. Around the 4th one you start to notice more close ups on the "featured" singer hahaha

In any even I think Nicole S should just do her own album already. No one will know the difference...She can just have different back up dancers. And lets face it...the rest of the Pussycat Dolls must know by now they are simply back up dancers with a long standing gig...



Deadline: Cool Stop-Motion Post-It Art - Watch more Funny Videos

I'm lovin' it!

oh and Take that mcdonalds. You can't own a fucking phrase like that! wtf


Friday, June 12, 2009

This song confuses me...

It's a really cool song even though it sounds like an underground mc teamed up with whats his annoying face of Maroon 5...

but thats not the problem. Why do the lyrics go "Take a look at my girlfriend, shes the only one I got. Not much of a girlfriend, I never seem to get a lot."

isnt that a bad thing and DIRECTLY conflicting with the rest of the some about awesome girlfriends?

I've watched both of the music videos that just end up making the confuzzled situation worse. One is about a Doll and one is at first about how a guy keeps falling in puppy love and by the end is with Katy Perry which is fucking fine but I don't think she's all THAT great a girlfriend...

anyway isnt it confusing?

HAhahaha shut up you dry bitch!

This is absolutely horrible but also kind of funny! Kate of the whole "Jon and Kate Gate" has always seemed like a major uber cunt who didn't want all these damn kids and it doesn't help that none of them look like they are HERS!

anyway in this vid she's drinks precious water while one of her thirsty rich pups begs for a sip.

"you're mean!"

Maybe they are on schedules so they pee at appro times! See the dumb kid knew the answer was no if they are on dog schedules...


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why does Perez choose horrible songs?

"quick scrolling" through Preze's pages I stopped yet again to listen to what he thinks is good music (and I use the term He very loosely. not cause he's gay but because he has a handle full of people who blog under his name. Didn't you know?)

Das Racist has been popping up a lot in my music searches lately.

The sound made popular by LMFAO and their "I'm in miami bitch" has spawned a grip of electro-hop groups, usually consisting of 2-3 dudes of random ethnicity's who have fantastic style!

Anyway Perez decided to talk up their song "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" which is fun if you've just had some sticky icky and a 40....but it doesn't show what they really sound like!

I suggest everyone listen to "Rainbow in the Dark" the first song on their Mysplace playlist for much more fun. "Fake Patois" is also good for a slow mo.

very stream.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a thought

*No that is not his dead wife. Oj loves dem blondes that all look like his dead wife

Do you think if OJ had done a really good "forgive me" song like T.I. did with "Dead and Gone" (wouldn't it be top drawer if his song were titled "Dead and Gone" as well...totes different context)

anyway do you think if he'd done that....he may not be in prison now?? I would LOVE to hear a song by OJ about OJ...right?

oooo Chris Brown should phone a friend to T.I. in prison and do a duet! Oh I'm sorry a "colabo"


Britney wtf??

Brit has announced that she will be returning to the US for a few more tour dates after her over seas tour is complete.

1) thats like a year of touring...last time she was doing that it all went down hill when she started "Missing out on life"...


No love for the 602 apparently. Pretty lame britney...not that I'd pay another 50 bucks for an hour long show of costume changes and the possibility of a tampon string fiasco...


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Who knew Doogie was gonna come back?

Watching Teen Witch today reminds me of all the 80s and early 90's crap I watched on days at home from school. Then I got a hankerin for some Doogie (so sad it doesnt come on tv anymore!).

But then I realized "shit...doogie is still fucking famous! And hot! and totally gay!"

What a fantastic revitalization of a career!


Friday, June 5, 2009

10 YEARS AGO? Jeez I saw the first one in theater

*Such a 90's poster! with the main person in front and then an outward triangle of supporting cast. All fierce as fuck.
The Final Destination trailer in HD

Ok..I loved Final Destination. The second wasn't half bad. Never even attempted to watch the 3rd. Now this one..

I think its obvious from the first one that you cannot stop "death" in this movie...unless you intend on being committed like a young Ali Larter was. These films have had some of the most interesting death scenes EVER! I mean the death in the bathtub was fantastic, as was the highway scene in the second film.

But here's where I'm not feeling this one...the initial accidents themselves are never shown to be "death" working its magic. They are just accidents. "Death" begins to be a catalyst after the kids are told about the premonition and cheat their deaths. Thats when invisible "Death" comes and starts undoing screws and making accidents happen.

Plus everything seems to be "something flew in her face" style which I guess is because its 3D...

I wont be shelling out an extra 4 bucks to see it in 3D! To be honest I probs wont even see this film for another 5 years. Just being honest!


Thursday, June 4, 2009


Hottie Sam Rockwell's new film Moon looks amazing! Shout out to Isaiah for FBing! haha totes means facebookin yaaaall

Anyway the story is great. Not all together original because the basics of a guy going mad in outer space was done in the fantastic 70's flick Silent Running. Only he's trying to save he's trying to save himself instead of plants!

I'm glad Sam is getting into less commercial roles that have a bit more story and a lot less HIstory...ya dig? It always seems like he's playing some real person lol

Anyway defo a check out!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Um double take...

Late 90's Jack in the Crack commercial

Recent Wendy's commercial.


This is just disgusting...

A man in North Carolina had his legs cut off postmortem to fit in a coffin AT A MORTUARY!

Words cannot express how disgusting that is. The dead are to be respected!!I'm sure they did it to keep the client after finding out he was six fucking SEVEN though...

Crazy muthafuckin times.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yay Adam Sandler in a movie that isn't for kids!

I'm always down for a Apatow klan production!

This film seems to really focus in on Adams real life realization that he's passing his youthful joker torch on to the new generation.

How he looks so old is scaring me though. the SNL days for him were so long ago!

He's still fuckin hot though.


Mandy Moore FYI

I have never liked this girl (it didnt help she came out on the heels of Britney). I mean shes really nice but for like the first 5 years of her career she would lip sync WAY too hard. I sometimes wondered if her mouth actually did move that much when she was speaking regularly...

Anyway she's since grown up a lot from the "Candy" days and has a new single called "I could break your heart any day of the week".
Mandy Moore - I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week (Official Music Video) - The most popular videos are a click away

Now this could have been the titled to a very awesome song...but its not. The music video isn't even good because she stands against a wall the entire 4 or so minutes of the tedious song (ps how cute are those now almost 10 year old Vdubs and that gigantic fucking cd player clipped to her wrap around neon skirt??).

But the rest of the album is exactly how I thought it'd be once I found out she marry Ryan Adams. Quirky with a lot of blue grass/folk fusion! She has the sound that Kelly Clarkson should have tried about 2 albums ago. This semi indie style is perfect for former pop stars ready to deepen their sound.

And at least its all her and not pitch perfected like everyone else. I will respect her just for that. and the fact that she is EXTREMELY photogenic and classy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

billy bobs baby..shouldnt babysit

Sooooo billy bob's daughter was babysitting a 1 year old and unfortunately the child died from a brain hemorrhaged caused by a fall. The baby fell from its play pin (why was it playing on the play pin PAID BABYSITTER?? lol) and hit its head. The woman did not think the baby was injured and put her down for a nap later on, where the baby died.

here is what Perez has to say which shows hes never cared for a child before

Melissa Gatlin doesn't believe her daughter should be charged with child neglect because there was no way she could have known the child was injured.

Gatlin compared the tragic incident to the late Natasha Richardson's skiing accident earlier this year, explaining, "When you have a situation that does not indicate distress… There are no signs of distress, then there is no reason to immediately call police."

Here's the major difference: Richardson refused medical treatment, which a one-year-old doesn't have the capability of doing.

It was Thornton's daughter's responsibility - as the babysitter - for the child's well being!

Babies fall all the fucking time. If you are the person always going to the ER for falls and bumps, you are told you may have MSBP. If you dont, you're negligent. The end fact is that sometimes people get hurt way worse than it looks. The daughter (amanda) is not to blame 100% because she doesnt have x-ray vision! She should NEVER be allowed to babysit again but I doubt she was first aid trained, hell trained at all! if she was, that paints a different picture fer shurrrr..

Which is the parents fault for not getting someone who knows babies....what you do to save a few bucks eh?

If it were my job I for sure would've called the parents right after seeing blood, even from the tongue. If they wanted baby to be taken to the doctor, BAM done. If they said they were coming home, FINE early night for me. Even just giving the reg. doctor a ring a ding would have been fine. But not many babysitters do this!!! because babysitters are not nannies!!! they are basically people to make sure the house doesnt burn down and the kid doesn't find its way into some crack...


Um I don't want to go to hell

Elephant Man

How did no one say "ya know...I'm gonna comp this cause you need that gigantic fucking tumor removed. Yeah the one that essentially ate your eye" until recently???

What a world.

Their conversation up on the roof is sweet.

He's like a melting ice cream scoop. Scary shit.


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