Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yeah...having a litter of people can really fuck you up

Sometimes I actually feel bad for Octomom. Not super duper bad because she already had 6 kids before pumping herself full of fresh eggs and swimmers...but

A) the Doctor used way more than she was expecting

B) It's hard to selectively kill off the babies you don't want (especially when they are so expensive)

C) She's got 14 kids so its hard to hate her because she's already in a living hell

There is a tape that leaked out and people are up in arms because she says that she "hates babies". I would probably hate babies too if they ruined my body, sucked me dry emotionally and physically and then didn't understand why mommy is so tired.

I'm sure one of her brood has asked her "didn't you want this, Bitch?".

The tape also divulges in her need for alone time. She apparently locks herself in the bathroom (a common practice for those who seek privacy) and eats meals in there as well. I've seen a bathroom used by 14 children before and I REALLY hope her maid does a good job. I would have elected for an actual closet for my meal time but you git what you git and you don't pitch a fit.

The woman obviously have PPD and does indeed need some help. But for the most part she seems pretty lucid for such a crazy nut! She has a background in psychology and I kind of agree with her "litter(ary) theory of bondage". I'd love for her to write a book...but I'd wait till it was at least at the grocery store if not the dollar store to purchase it.

Those ain't mah kids to be supportin'

Oh and lolz...


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