Monday, July 18, 2011

I can't believe no one has cut off HIS dick! are you so damn fertile? I thought the ganja was supposed drastically decrease your load potency! I dunno, that may be a load of horse hooey and it very well could be the reason you keep knockin bitches up. Marijuana is not a solid form of birth control, people!

On the other hand, it does make for a pleasantly plum Kevin Federline! I mean c'mon, Kevin....why did you even go on Celebrity Fit Club? You can't teach an old stoner new tricks and we all know your outing's to Subway wouldn't make Jared proud.

This is number FIVE for The Fed and I really am shocked. B Nasty is paying for this child, does anyone realize that? Not only that, but there is a strong possibility that this new kid could actually look like it's a Federline-Spears concoction. Does anyone else see the crazy resemblance to BritneyBitch?

Ok so pretty much the only resemblance is the blonde hair and internal sense of shame they both clearly have. 

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