Wednesday, June 8, 2011

There was BARELY any rape

Oh NaNa..I hate you. I really really really hate you. Not only did you suck at the Billboard Awards

but you also continually release really really really bad music/videos. "Man Down" is her newest atrocity and tells the story of a slutty lookin Bajan who dry humps a dude in a club walks out and get assaulted near by. She then gets a gun and shoots him at the train station the next day.

Now I'm not one for liking a lot of rape in my videos...but NaNa could definitely used some pointers on how one looks while getting raped. I was honestly expecting more of a stuggle from the bitch but no one ever said she'd be Oscar worthy.

A problem I also have is why oh why is NaNa still rockin the red weave? And why oh why is it so damn long?! Extensions are to be cut after they are applied, girl! LA-YER!

I guess she asked to have some lovely dreadlocks but with the "shot him downs" throughout the song, it seemed a little too Marley for the pop scene.

PS, your rape aim was spot on...what if you had shot the nice old lady in the crowd instead? Think about these things next time, can't always be so lucky with firearms.


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