Monday, May 9, 2011

Lets go!!!

1. This song may be "old news" but I still love it.

2. This song is not old news because rap on the radio has become an echo. For some reason, rappers would rather record 2 verses and then have them dubbed to create a 4 minute song (see: Birthday by Jerimih...or don't cause its disgusting and I always think "if this song was sung by a girl it'd sound like a song about golden showers")

...anyway, Chris Brown used to be on my shit list because I didn't realize at the time that Rhianna is a cunt and even a cunt can and should get pimp slapped. Don't act like you've never met a girl that really just needs a good smack in the face because we all have. Should it ever be in a moving vehicle? no, cause that shit is dangerous.

Since his bow tied apologies I've realized that you can love a man for being talented, and still hate him for being a probable douche. "Look At Me" and "She Ain't You" are some great songs. His dancing is fantastical and I guarantee you his face, body and *clears throat* are all BANGIN. So why not like Chris Brown again? It seems like a good investment of my fandom, yours too.


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