Friday, May 6, 2011

Juda-Juda AH AH

I am not a Lady Gaga fan. That being said...I know every one of her singles like the back of my hand. This goes to show that Lady Gaga has taken a page from children's songs: repeat repeat repeat!

I will say that I enjoy the video for the plot line, style and aesthetics.Not only could this track be used if they ever recreate Jesus Christ Super Star for a younger audience (trust), I've always held a firm belief that Mary probably had the hots for Judas as well as Jesus causing a major rift between the friends. It happens often and it just very well may have happened to them..should you believe in Jesus, Judas and Mary Magdalene..which some people don' Santa and the Toothfairy (to be fair, I also think its plausible that, like the 2003 movie Darkness Falls claims, the tooth fairy is a ghost that eats kids should they sneak a peak of her doin' her biznaz).

I WARN you though....listening to this song will get it stuck in your head. I have been dreaming of this literally god forsaken song for 3 days and its not getting any better. By the end of next week I will know every word, I'm sure of it. You will too, if you listen to it "just this once". It's like ear crack, people. I'm wishing I wore an ear condom.


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