Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Did she really just say that?

Rhianna, Robyn whatever your name is...put DOWN the ecstasy, girl. It'll mess up your back!

"California King Bed" is the new video by our lovely Na-Na (sounds like a name for a vagina right?) and again I find that I despise it. Rhianna would be much better off if she stopped trying to look like she's right in the middle of a cosmic O. I mean really, do you have to touch yourself so much in a song about you and your boyfriend breaking up? Why you gotta be so nasty talking about whats left of last night on your sheets, don't you put a towel down for crying out loud?...............And fix your bra strap, you dirtier than X-tina lookin ho!

Okay..okay, maybe she's not a ho, and to be fair she's not dirty looking. Well she looks like she could have crabs or something. A secret kind of dirty as apposed to an obvious "I have dirt all over me" dirty. I just get really fired up over Na-Na and I don't like her for obvious reasons:

-She has about 2 octaves in which she can comfortably sing
-When she does sing, its about stupid things
-She doesn't write her own songs and can't sing someone else's songs as though she did.

It also doesn't help that any time I hear "What's My Name", I walk around the rest of the day saying "Oh NA-NA WHAT'S MY NAME?". It's almost as horrible as walking around saying "ra ra ah-ah-ahh roma ra-ah-ahhh, gaga ooo la la, want your bad romance"...almost.

Pretty girl though. Some pretty girls should just shut their mouths though. Become a model, Rhianna! Stop ruining music, please! Just cause Jay Z says you've got talent, doesn't mean you actually do. That just means Na-Na got a big ole butt and Jigga wants it on his face.


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