Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whip it baby!

Willow Smith's song "Whip My hair" is a fantastic. It's a great song for kids to enjoy and its good enough to be in the clubs too. The attitude and confidence in her voice and words are something every little girl should hear.

So when I saw that a mashup had been done with a Sesame street Muppet scene, I knew I'd have to dig a little deeper into the story of this video. Turns out a father and writer for S-Town wrote "I Love My Hair" for his obviously african american (adopted) baby. WONDERFUL!

It is so hard to live life with black hair if you don't know just how beautiful and amazing it is. There are plenty of times when I remember being made fun of because of my afro hair. Many men I dated back in the day thought they couldn't touch it! I mean c'mon..its hair.

I applaud Joey Mazzarino, the head writer S-Strizeet for understanding the plight of The Little Black Girl! Thank You! But I'm gonna have to say that Willow's mash up is a weeeee bit better AM I RIGHT?


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