Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thank god it was 3:41

I am not a Miley fan. I don't think there's been a time when I enjoyed her besides initially liking "Party in the USA" for a hot minute. Her voice sounds like shes been smoking for years and her arms remind me of a T-Rex's

Anyway, this video is just over the top sexy for a girl still in high school. We all thought Britney was a slut, but who knew the Miley Gang Bang Train would soon roll in. I mean this is what B nasty was doing at 17

And now we have Miley doing what could very well be mistaken for a foreign "club sex" video if you didn't put your contacts in before viewing...

Is it really because The Dahlia's birthday is in less than 2 hours that I find this totally inappropriate? How long till she and Justin Beiber are caught in a hot tub with an 8 ball and some negro friends doin em up the butt? Can you seriously imagine that on OK! Magazine? The Beibs totally still has a hat on of course..

Shout out to Lady Jones for the video!

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