Saturday, October 23, 2010

So why are people upset that these people are hot?

Glee is a semi sorta kinda family show. I can understand that families have very few shows that they can watch together.

But why are people (uptight women) in such a tizzy over the Glee cast posing in a hot, sexy, sex party photo shoot? *said in my best Kazakhstan accent* It's the same "sex sells" gimmick magazines have been using for years. I really don't even know people who read GQ who aren't old enough to realize whats being sold here. Soft, socially acceptable pornographic art.

The show itself is so for adults its not even funny. The singing keeps the kids entertained but everything else goes over their heads unless they've hit puberty. If you've managed to raise a child in this day in age, they already surf the internet mad hoored so it's essentially like trying to keep your sons from watching porn and your daughters from thinking they're fat (unfortunately). The pictures themselves are extremely beautiful and the girls conjure up memories of Farrah and the other Angels.

That was okay when it clearly was just tug art for dudes walls and  incentive for girls to go on a Jell-O diet.

The ladies look fucking amazing. And to be honest, I've seen worse photos in a Victoria's Secret catalog (funnily enough, that's where their undies are from). So I don't understand why those big ass posters and suggestively posed mannequins can be displayed in a mall right across from a Gap Kids, but these people can't get some really great pictures taken for a cover story interview.


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Ashley said...

It's not like these are being put in a kid magazine! They're all adults, and those pics are published for adults.