Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chaz Bono is very large

Being a very big Cher fan, I've recently come to a crossroads in my fandom. On the one hand, if Cher code tells me that The Cher can do no wrong, any that came from her womb must be Cher(ished). On the other hand, I feel as if Chaz Bono is a hot fucking mess of a person.


Chaz is just too fat. I say this as a fellow chubster, mind you. It's not mean, kind of like how black people can say Nigga an it's not racist, dig? Anyway, I understand he is going through MAJOR body changes that push ones temple to the limits...But why are you that fat? And why have you been that fat for so long? It is as if he is trying to conceile every piece of himself that could possibly resemble a woman's. Not to mention, shouldn't a person be in good health before starting such a transformation? I mean thats its definition of hormone therapy what this dudeette has embarked upon.

Am I wrong here?


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