Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Okay I know how this is!

Anthony Kedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers said some discouraging words against Glee this past weekend.

“Generally speaking, that doesn’t excite me,” he admitted. “Nothing against Glee or any of those American Idol type shows, but you know … music that is near and dear to our hearts and the people we wrote it for and play it for, it doesn’t make sense to be seen in a television format. It seems emotionally displaced.”

To be fair, he also said he's never seen the show. I went the whole first season, knocking it down. Now that I've gotten involved with the story line (that I wholeheartedly believe is better than the singing), I understand the appeal of Glee. I originally didn't enjoy the show because of the singing. Auto-tune is going to be music's true downfall and this show uses it more than it needs to. Sometimes its also hard to get over the change from dialogue to 100% studio produced singing. Once you get over that stuff, its easy to watch the show!

Because its so difficult for some people to get in to this show (like me), I can understand where he's coming from. But I do think if he sat and watched the show from Ep. 1 to the finale, he'd want RHCP to be featured. Sometimes the songs just go so well. I loved the "Defying Gravity" duet Lea Michaels and Chris Colfer did. It shows just how deeply these songs effect the characters and story line as well. You can find both characters versions as well as their duet (top one). A beautiful rendition that means different things for both characters.



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yes thirtysomething is view it now, what is the address of your other blog?

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Hi! I'm here from Boost My Blog Friday. I'm a Gleek and pround of it!! Counting down until Wednesday morning (when I can watch the new episode, DH is not a fan).