Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MIA is not a pop star!

Perez Hilton has been bashing MIA for quite some time (pretty much after MIA said she was not and never would be goo goo for Gaga).

M.I.A is a british painter, musician, director, and activist born to parents of Sri Lankan Tamil decent. You may know her from the fantastic song "Paper Planes" that was featured in the trailer for Pineapple Express. At 35 years old, she's been nominated for 2 Grammy's, an Academy Award and countless other awards for her contribution to the art community. She lived through and survived most of the Sri Lankan Civil War in the 80's and later began protesting war and violence around the world as well as its effect on entertainment. She is active in the "fight" against violence in video games and in film as she saw blood shed first hand as a small child. She is also an advocate for the education of those suffering from dyslexia, a disorder she battles with today.

On top of all of that, the girl is a fashion designer!

It would be easy to call her the Tamil Lady Gaga, only that would be giving Gaga some undeserved credit! I love M.I.A and she is a true artists who isn't focused on the marketablitiy of her art. She has a following and enjoys creating for that following.

*Fun side note that makes her even more awesome, her Grammy performance was on her DUE DATE! Nothing will stop this woman (ps I think having her perform this version of her song was stupid.)
MIA/ Kanye West/ Jay-Z/ Lil Wayne / TI - Grammys - 2009
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Anyway she dropped a new music video and Perez has damned it as awful. I watched it and its not commercial but that doesnt make it awful!

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