Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can we all sue Britney Spears for harassment?

Because we've all seen her cooter one too many times. It seems that there is always a new hire of the Spears' that ends up breaking their silence for some cash.

A former bodyguard of B Nasty is suing the pop star for sexual harassment and is alleging CHILD ABUSE!
I'm calling total bullshit on this because the woman can't fart without asking twelve handlers for permission, let a lone harass someone with her snatch. Child abuse? whatever. I can vaguely remember this same story coming from another bodyguard a few years ago and nothing came of it. Her children have already been taken away so she's not flying below the radar (<--awesome Britney song btw).

According to Fernando Flore, Britney on several occassions, mooned the guard, showing him her goodies. When he reacted negativley, she uttered "You know you liked it". And know you fucking did!!! She also reinacted "The Graduate" and nuded it up while asking for 7 Up. Lolz

He ALSO claims when not beating her children with borrowed belts, she feed them shell fish when they are *gasp* allergic to it.

Oh and last but not least, she apparently has sex really loud...cause thats an effin crime.

Ok here is my take on it. Britney Spears is kind of a slut. It's not really breaking news, and its not all that bad because thankfully someone got this bitch on the pill. That being said, shes BRITNEY SPEARS! She is the definition of  "if I looked like that I'd be naked all the time"! If you're hot pop sensation boss wants to show her goods off around the house, you should be thankful you're getting paid for such a kush job, dude!

When it comes to the kids however...I seriously doubt she's around her kids enough to abuse them. Sadly she's got nannies for all that bonding.

So in conclusion

-naked boss=shut up and enjoy seeing a nake Britney Spears all in yo face. But that's hearsay so make sure you always make her out to be a bad parent so you're solidified a cash payout. Whoopins aren't illegal, sir. I don't agree with that type of punishment but you're the bodyguard. A well trained dog could do your job, so just be happy Rover retired.

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