Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Go Mary!

Hey yall! Well sorry about this embarrassing lag in posts, but hopefully I will get more time to devote to this place. I wanted to take some time and bash Bill O'REALLY?! for his comments made about single mothers.

Firstly, his comments to Jen Aniston are totally retarded but I'll post them for anyone who's not in the know:
[This is discussing Jen's new move The Switch, in which she plays a mid life woman who decides to have a child on her own, with donated sperm from a "perfect" candidate]

"She's throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that hey, you don't need a guy, you don't need a dad," he said. "That's destructive to our society."

O'Reilly went on to argue that remarks like Aniston's are hurtful to fathers, saying, "She's diminishing the role of the dad."
Now....I don't know if this is true or not...but I've HEARD that Jennifer Aniston is an actress and didn't write this movie. This is totally out of left field but doesn't that mean, shes just playing a part in a mediocre romcom? Give the woman a break, she doesn't even have kids! 

Anyway Mary Louise Parker, the wonderful woman who has been in some of my favorite films of all time (Fried Green Tomatoes and Boys on the Side) not to mention the absolutely amazing Showtime drama Weeds, has fired back at Bill.

To put a little bit of backstory....Mary and this former hottie rising star Billy Crudup used to be a happy couple expecting a child..that is until Clair Danes (yeah I know..) broke the family up and her and Billy left Mary like 9 months pregnant thus, a single mom.

Mary says:
"Why is being a single mother destructive? Give me a break. He sounds like an idiot. Who is he again? Maybe he’s right, I don’t know. I don’t think you necessarily have to be part of a traditional nuclear family to be a good mother. A lot of children from traditional nuclear families have really unhappy childhoods, and they have dysfunctional, distant parents who don’t pay attention to them. Also, some people don’t plan on being single parents. It’s not like you’re sitting at home and thinking, ‘Wow, I’d really like to do this by myself. I’d love to wake up six times a night and change diapers and have nobody to help me. That’d be great!’ I certainly didn’t do that. I think that opinion is pretty narrow-minded. People like him - and I don’t even know who he is, so this is just a guess… they usually just say shit like that for attention. He probably comes from a nuclear family and didn’t get enough attention as a child."

PERFECTION! I loved how no holds barred she was with this public statement. I will say that I was raised by two single mothers from two generations: my mother and and my grandmother. I had a wonderful childhood and learned what it truly means to be a woman in this world. Hearing my own young sister ask what fathers were for only validates my theory that

It is man, not woman, that is diminishing the role of the father in our society.

There are so many wonderful fathers out their, don't get me wrong, but it is the dead beat dad's actions and the subsequent reactions that have lessened the role of the father in our society, not the woman who takes on duel roles in a sexist and degrading world. They work twice as hard to get the same results as a nuclear family. We should cherish the women who are making Presidents (remember that Obama's mama was a single mother as well) instead of knocking them off of the pedestal they whole heartedly deserve.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey yall!

So the celeb world has kind of become a joke. Too many fake celebrities and too much LaLohan to be honest. Plus I'm becoming more of a "me" blogger. Head on over to http://ameansofescape.blogspot.com/

this is my "me"blog. You can ask real questions about things you read in there. Its a slow process but I hope in the end I can help people who are going through the same things.


PS don't worry, this blog will get some attention again soon!