Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They totally already did this movie!

As a Marilyn Monroe freak, I have seen lots and lots of films on the queen of glamor. That being said, "Blonde" was by far the second WORST behind the one with Ashley Judd/ Mira Sorvino *shudders*

Now director Andrew Dominik has decided once wasn't enough for "Blonde" and has once again adapted the Joyce Carol Oats novel into a movie.

Here's what I didn't like, there were so many fictional plot devices and people walked away thinking it was all true!

Hopefully this film takes a more truthful approach and simply uses Joyce's embeleshments like paprika.

Here is a photo of Namoi "Nipples" Watts as Marilyn. Hopefully (but not at all likely) she won't be toppless in this one too..we wouldn't want her putting out Joe Dimaggio's eye from across the room.



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