Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shutter Island is the muthafuckin shit

Even days later, I'm still saying it. This movie had the right mixture of noir and yummy scorseseness! The special effects echo Cape Fear (another Martin S favorite of mine) and the plot itself pays homage to the likes of Hitchcock and at times even David Lynch!

Leo DiCaprio again rocks my socks as one of the best actors of my life time, and has a Jack Nicholson essence to him that I've never seen before. Mark Ruffalo was fantastic and hot the whole time, pretty awesome for a guy who had partial face paralysis 8 years ago. Every time I'm just like "can you tell?!?!". Nope. Can't. Still hot as fuuuuck.

Only downside to the film: Michelle Williams. Dawson's Curse strikes again as she just about begs to be knocked out by someone in the audience during all of her scenes.

But besides that the film scores at least an 8 in the Dahlia book. Defo a go see in the theaters yaall!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Wowzers sorry bout that

I took a small break and look whats happened! Celebrity news is at an all time low! I find myself saying "who cares" a lot of the time when reading through my many news reports. Hence why the funny Dahlia has not been around. But in my time off I have been viewing lots of new releases in the theater...there is just one thing thats bugging me

yeah. HMMMMM