Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WHY is everyone so shocked about Tiger?

This dude has been majorly famous for the past decade and you are all shocked he's been fuckin around and cruising in his escalade like a skinny, ugly version of Fiddy??? THE GUY IS GOLF'S JESUS. And lets not forget Jesus even had a ho...

Anyway Tiger was fired from Gatorade and I'm pretty sure everything else with his face on it is gonna go bye bye. I actually feel bad for the guy but not as much as I feel bad for any woman he's ever had sex with, just because hes a very awkward man to imagine having sex with. I'm sure when he shoots a load he yells "fore!".

ew thats gross

PS His wife is too hot. Of course he's gonna cheat on her with an uglier woman. Sometimes dudes can't handle pretty!


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