Friday, December 18, 2009

Im A Bee!

Loving this song so much! I will say though that after seeing a bee on the cover its just sounding like "I'm a bee". which is very cute.

The song is one of the many hits off BEP's "The End" and the reason why it rocks so hard is that its really 3 songs in one. It starts off with Fergie, speeds up, and then gets a little funky at the end. Why arent more songs doing this? Enjoy being creative! Instead of "verse chorus verse"!!!

Will.I.Am has always been an innovative force behind the group and is such an excellent producer! No wonder MJ loved working with him in the end!

on a downer note, they've been dressing all weird lately (more so) because they hired Lady Gaga's stylist. No Joke. The guys look great but Fergie looks like she should be at ComicCon at a booth standing real real still.


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