Friday, December 4, 2009


Long time no see right?

Well blame majoring in psychology, being the part time mother of 11 two year olds and the adoptive mother a bouncing baby boy!

and by boy I mean puppy of course. Yes yes yall, The Dahlia has a son named Brando (pictures soon!)

Anyways, thanks to Camila for this hilarious tutorial! I admit I am guilty of watching tutorials made by really stupid high school girls on how to look "sexy". I may be 22 but I still want to look 16 for as long as I can, I dunno about you...

Not only is her voice SPOT ON for a lot of chicks I've known, but the "look at it" had me LOLing pretty hard. Watch all the way through yall!



E said...

LOL @ " The more engorgeder, the better!"

What kind of puppy did you get? Did you know Katie (my niece) is a professional dog trainer now?

The Dahlia said...

He's half mini pin, half dachshund! Katies a dog trainer? cool!

E said...

AW, sounds cute. Yeah, Katies got her own business now. She's really good. She has 3 of her own dogs and 2 of them compete in those doggie relay competitions.