Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ok but WHY are you bleaching your skin Sosa?

The pictures are not difficult to see. He's about 17 shades lighter than he was 6 months ago.

And yet he is not addressing why he's bleaching his skin. only that he is. I can understand like...he was really fucking tan before so he lightened up the past sun tanning damage . BUT HE'S ALMOST MJ WHITE!

What the hell is this man doing? You should never feel the need to change your skin color LIKE THIS. Its just plain silly! I don't even fully agree with tanning, though I do like a good sun soak when I'm feeling blue. But he looks like the dad from that one show where the white family becomes black and the black family becomes white...only I'm not sure which one he is.


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Anonymous said...

He looks ill. I hope he didn't do this for aesthetic reasons.