Thursday, November 12, 2009

More new Gaga and it further solidifies that she's a fluke

"Telephone" sucks. It's almost a Britney b-side and I swear if it were Britney I'd LOVE IT. But for Lady Gaga its really annoying and too busy even for her. Beyonce even sucks and thats hard for her to do at this point.

The production has some nice flares of catchy-ness (like the digital lags that totally happen with my phone sometimes. Robotics are so chic) and I really enjoyed the first 20 seconds of the song but the lyrics are shiteous! She sat and wrote that? What is she 17? and someone then read those lyrics and said "Hey we're gonna do this, Sir" and they smacked their dicks around and this is the result? Is that what happened cause it sounds like it.


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