Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Joss Stoned

Not a big Joss Stone fan but I will say this: homegirl has a right to say she loves weed. What is a song on the radio right now that isn't talking about getting ass and bringe drinking. In fact "Tik Tok" has a line about brushing teeth with Jack Daniels...

Yet saying 'hey fans, spark a j if you want when you listen to my new album!' is getting her in trouble?? her response were real real real:

On her marijuana habit:
"I smoke weed, but I don’t think it’s really a drug. It’s more of a herb. I don’t regret saying that at all. I think everyone smokes weed and people who say they don’t are lying! It depends if I’m working, and on what song. And whether it’s a smoking studio or not! It’s like having a drink."

On other drugs:
"I live in Devon and hardly ever go to clubs. When I do, I’ll drink three or four beers then move on to a vodka. I don’t want to take all those horrible drugs. Although some sound fun, so I might dabble now and then!"

The National Drugs Prevention Alliance:

"She should consider the effects that her comments have on other people, especially young fans who look up to her. People like Joss Stone should keep their mouths shut about things like this."

Can I ask the NDPA to keep their mouths shut about things like this? its pot, shes not sitting in an alley shooting heroin. She has made a statement that everyone is making right now. Its a waste of time to say shes a role model cause shes COMPLETELY irrelevant to popular culture now. No one wants to be Joss Stone..c'mon..I mean I would cause she does have a lot of money and probably some chronic shit but other than that, I'd pass.


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