Monday, November 16, 2009

I have no idea what I just watched

But it wasn't gooooood.

"Video Phone" is Beyonce + Gaga which could have = "woah" but instead garnered a "huh?".

See for yourself.

I just dont know about music videos anymore. Are they dying out? Props to Beyonce for always being feirce in her dancing though. one of the more bearable videos to watch in that arena!..which still isn't saying much cause it sure was alot of black girl sway and booty poppin...



E said...

I am old.

That video is going to give someone a seizure, seriously. Beyonce pulls off Bettie Page's look nicely, but other than that I'd say the video does a good job of making both men and women look kind of stupid.

I really want Beyonce to snap the hell out of it.
Maybe someday.

E said...

Also I hate the lines, "Whatchyo name iz?" and "Hubba hubba".


The Dahlia said...

awww I like the phrase "shawty wut yo naym iz?" I hear it a lot so I think of it as a joke in the song...right? haha

E said...

It IS funny when it's not supposed to be serious.
er... that was stupid, what I just said, but I am hitting "publish your comment" anyway.