Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Again she's lost me.

Lady Gaga's new video "Bad Romance" is now out...at least its not as badly imagined as "Paparazzi" was. The video itself is great. Lots of "homage" choreography (MJ's Thriller to name one), the usual dash of Madonna, and even some Missy Elliot fish eye lens action!

The song is again Lady G lusting and obsessing over some dude, dick innuendo etc. The chorus has a Depeche Mode's "I Feel Love" sound to it. It's also VERY reminiscent of Melissa Auf Du Mars " Taste You". This is something I just couldn't get over. The vocals, the delivery...its there.

Choreography is again, heavy on the sampling. But its also just plain silly in the beginning. The whole first 2 minutes I had intended to turn the video off but it gets more interesting around the 3 minute mark.

We've now seen the more naked Lady Gaga. I was waiting for her to lose some of the "ugly" and get all sexy and safe. The same guys I know who said she was ugly in Poker Face are probably busting a nut to the less scary G. She's lost weight and is now like every other pop star.

I'm still really happy shes dancing like a bitch ought to though.


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E said...

Funky and creepy and mildly drag queeny.....
After having seen her pre-Gaga performances, I am convinced this person...Stephanie I think her name is... I forget, andyway, I am convinced this person is playing a huge joke on the public with her schtick. Like, " Let's see how many people I can get to actually 'follow' me, and stir up shit".

Oh and it sure as hell does bear a striking resemblance to the French song.