Thursday, November 26, 2009

He is such a joke!

Adam Lambert is not very good. I mean he totally is a gay icon, I get it. We haven't really had a super glitter fairy in a pop star role. But for god's sake why can't we go back in time and pick a man who can actually sing. Even Britney did more singing on her first album. I mean c'mon! His AMA performance was disgustingly off key and now this video is just plain silly.

And why does he have to have bad make up? He looks like half the mexican tweens running around here...


P.S. Happy Turkey Day :-)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I have no idea what I just watched

But it wasn't gooooood.

"Video Phone" is Beyonce + Gaga which could have = "woah" but instead garnered a "huh?".

See for yourself.

I just dont know about music videos anymore. Are they dying out? Props to Beyonce for always being feirce in her dancing though. one of the more bearable videos to watch in that arena!..which still isn't saying much cause it sure was alot of black girl sway and booty poppin...


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey B! Idea?....

Thanks Mom! She knows I love "oldies" and B nasty! This is the perfect combo for that love.

I would love to see this performed by Britney Spears 6 years ago....I don't think she could handle it now.


Still love her though. She could eat one of her children and I'd still probably love her. I'd find some excuse for it. "Maybe she just needed it to stay eternally youthful and jubilant, jeez"


More new Gaga and it further solidifies that she's a fluke

"Telephone" sucks. It's almost a Britney b-side and I swear if it were Britney I'd LOVE IT. But for Lady Gaga its really annoying and too busy even for her. Beyonce even sucks and thats hard for her to do at this point.

The production has some nice flares of catchy-ness (like the digital lags that totally happen with my phone sometimes. Robotics are so chic) and I really enjoyed the first 20 seconds of the song but the lyrics are shiteous! She sat and wrote that? What is she 17? and someone then read those lyrics and said "Hey we're gonna do this, Sir" and they smacked their dicks around and this is the result? Is that what happened cause it sounds like it.


Ok but WHY are you bleaching your skin Sosa?

The pictures are not difficult to see. He's about 17 shades lighter than he was 6 months ago.

And yet he is not addressing why he's bleaching his skin. only that he is. I can understand like...he was really fucking tan before so he lightened up the past sun tanning damage . BUT HE'S ALMOST MJ WHITE!

What the hell is this man doing? You should never feel the need to change your skin color LIKE THIS. Its just plain silly! I don't even fully agree with tanning, though I do like a good sun soak when I'm feeling blue. But he looks like the dad from that one show where the white family becomes black and the black family becomes white...only I'm not sure which one he is.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

.... ( . _ .)

**Yes this is one of Kesha's Myspace pictures

This is just a bad thing. I almost liked the song as a mindless white noise addiction. Until I saw that the girl looks like Taylor Swift (shes actually 22) and looks like she should star in a B.B.C porno instead of a music video. I mean serial??? The girls I knew who looked like that went on to be some questionable human beings.

I hate hate hate hearing these songs and getting these great video ideas in my head, only to see something that makes no sense. When did songs stop going with the videos?

Oh and if you're wondering who the hell she is, her name is Kesha. She was the annoying girl part in "Right Round" as shes been the annoying girl in a lot of stuff lately. Oh and can the pop girls stop name dropping rappers they don't listen to...I don't give a crap that Diddy gave 2 or 3 words on the track.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Again she's lost me.

Lady Gaga's new video "Bad Romance" is now least its not as badly imagined as "Paparazzi" was. The video itself is great. Lots of "homage" choreography (MJ's Thriller to name one), the usual dash of Madonna, and even some Missy Elliot fish eye lens action!

The song is again Lady G lusting and obsessing over some dude, dick innuendo etc. The chorus has a Depeche Mode's "I Feel Love" sound to it. It's also VERY reminiscent of Melissa Auf Du Mars " Taste You". This is something I just couldn't get over. The vocals, the delivery...its there.

Choreography is again, heavy on the sampling. But its also just plain silly in the beginning. The whole first 2 minutes I had intended to turn the video off but it gets more interesting around the 3 minute mark.

We've now seen the more naked Lady Gaga. I was waiting for her to lose some of the "ugly" and get all sexy and safe. The same guys I know who said she was ugly in Poker Face are probably busting a nut to the less scary G. She's lost weight and is now like every other pop star.

I'm still really happy shes dancing like a bitch ought to though.


Usher is totally the new R. Kelly!

I just heard the new Usher ballad. Its hilarious! I love it! It's so "oh shit he really doesn't like her".

Plus it sounds like R. Kelly produced it.

Wait!....did he?


Joss Stoned

Not a big Joss Stone fan but I will say this: homegirl has a right to say she loves weed. What is a song on the radio right now that isn't talking about getting ass and bringe drinking. In fact "Tik Tok" has a line about brushing teeth with Jack Daniels...

Yet saying 'hey fans, spark a j if you want when you listen to my new album!' is getting her in trouble?? her response were real real real:

On her marijuana habit:
"I smoke weed, but I don’t think it’s really a drug. It’s more of a herb. I don’t regret saying that at all. I think everyone smokes weed and people who say they don’t are lying! It depends if I’m working, and on what song. And whether it’s a smoking studio or not! It’s like having a drink."

On other drugs:
"I live in Devon and hardly ever go to clubs. When I do, I’ll drink three or four beers then move on to a vodka. I don’t want to take all those horrible drugs. Although some sound fun, so I might dabble now and then!"

The National Drugs Prevention Alliance:

"She should consider the effects that her comments have on other people, especially young fans who look up to her. People like Joss Stone should keep their mouths shut about things like this."

Can I ask the NDPA to keep their mouths shut about things like this? its pot, shes not sitting in an alley shooting heroin. She has made a statement that everyone is making right now. Its a waste of time to say shes a role model cause shes COMPLETELY irrelevant to popular culture now. No one wants to be Joss Stone..c'mon..I mean I would cause she does have a lot of money and probably some chronic shit but other than that, I'd pass.


Monday, November 9, 2009

It sounds like Susperia meets Wild Things

No joke

Winona Ryder has joined the cast of Natalie Portman's new movie Black Swan, reports Slash Film.

The supernatural thriller, directed by The Wrestler's Darren Aronofsky, centres on a rivalry between two ballerinas at a prestigious New York company. Ryder will play Beth, a dancer who is coming to the end of her career.

Vincent Cassel (playing ballet director Yevna) and Barbara Hershey (as Portman's mother) have also boarded the film's cast, which includes Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Mila Kunis.

Reports have claimed that the movie will feature a lesbian sex scene between Portman and Kunis.

But I'm glad to see Wino hooking a large budget film. She is a talented actress (now) and she could really stand to see some compassion! Yall woulda stolen those clothes too...



I'm so sad that I missed Seth and Alex's show last night but man oh man am I glad for youtube!

"We tried calling but the phone just rang and rang..."

I hope there are some more shows by these two. They obviously have a gift for writing and performing great material together! and YES, bring Marlee on the show as herself!!!! Alex pregnant or was she recently? cause she totes got fat again...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What a funny looking baby

I say this with love for all children..but sometimes they are funny looking when they are new. its mostly the head shape, but those ears are pretty intense too hahaha. Thats why, if I could, I would advise celebrities to WAIT until they are about 3 or 4 months old before putting them in a ragmag!

SMG displayed her baby in People magazine and I think its kind of fugly. it defo looks like Freddie Jr which is not so much a good thing when you are a girl...hell its not even really working out for him. I'm pretty sure I saw a movie last year with him in it and he looked like a scared blowfish. Glad to see he deflated! tho it looks like photoshop did a lil magic...