Thursday, October 1, 2009

yes yes yes yes yes!

This is what I'm talking about! This is what I look like and what a lot of women look like and I'm happy that the mainstream media is finally taking a stand!

I wrote about a glamour model (The woman on page 194) who was making waves because her belly wasn't photo shopped in a photo they published.

Well now the magazine is taking advice from readers to hop on the "natural" bandwagon and have put out a call for normal sized models!

I have struggled with my physical appearance my entire life. I'm extremely happy that this is happening. I embraced every curve I've got about a year ago. In the process I actually lost a bit of weight by simply treating my body as if it were fine anyone. No longer did I punish my "already fat" body with more yucky foods. I work with kids so I'm constantly moving. But I've still got my lovely lady lumps and I'm PROUD!

Now the only issue...why is there only one black and one latina. These are the two races that need to be reminded that their curves do not make them less attractive to others...agreed? 5 white women and 2 "others" doesn't really seem right.


dani said...

I;m loving the chick on the lower left hand corner who is bending forward, that's what I look like! Haaaaay!

I like this.

E said...

Those woman are all HHHHHOT. Just as a side note, my daughters are Hispanic, but NO ONE would guess that from looking at them. Anyone who doesn't KNOW them gets a surprised look when they hear their last name and/or sees their father. And heck, people think their father is anything from Samoan, to Maori, to Indian, to Middle Eastern. It's often hard to say for sure what ethnicity many people are just from looking at them anymore. (And I have NO problem with that, myself.)
You never know if some of those "white girls" are really "white" or not. Believe me, my love, the ALL the women need the message that they are okay from ebony to alabaster and every shade in between, and every SIZE and shape as well, through thick and thin.

It would be good to see some more definite ethnicities, represented, I agree. I notice that Asian seems to be the one most frequently missed.

By the way, you are 100% gorgeous, for real. Always have been.

The Dahlia said...

thanks godmommy! I agree its very hard to tell just by looking. people think im mixed sometimes! But I meant more of a generalized plethora of races so that everyone is given at least something to say "thats like me almost all the way!"

oh and its totally birthday season!!!! happy birtday!