Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well that was a downer...

This Is It was pretty amazing. I say if you have 10 bucks to spare..you should see Michael Jackson as "live" as you'll ever get. The film plays almost like a concert with fade outs and detailed HD views of what would have been on the screens behind him. For anyone who's been part of live performance, its fun to hear all the light and sound cues cause it kinda ruins things for you!

Michael looked really weak. Anyone with half a brain could have figured out that he wouldn't last 50 fucking shows. The songs flow seamlessly from one another a lot of the time which means he's dancing for 10 minutes straight. And he would indeed "do it one more time" a lot of the time. The director had to make sure he was getting what he needed because this man didn't complain once. Well there was one drug induced ramble about the inner ear needing to be lowered in volume. It was about a minute long and thats when he looked his most frustrated. But still he'd always say "its all for love".

The whole cast and crew were reminded often of his love for them, something they all reciprocated in the beginning of the film. Something I TOTALLY cried about. I cried exactly 40 seconds into this film, and I am not lying.

I then cried about 4 more times. The show itself sheds a lot of light into the personality of Michael Jackson. He was really really really...normal. Just an old man with an old soul and a really inexpressive face. But to be honest I didn't care about his face at all. You actually forget he looked like us back in the day...

Thriller 3D was kind of lame btw. Nothing compares to the first.

Oh and I love love love MJ's rehearsal style. He has a jacket in some sections with up turned, asymmetrical shoulder pads. He looks like a cartoon villain, its beautiful! Other times he just wore shirts and Ed Hardy pants. All X-small because he was THIN AS HELL! You'll worry that he'll break the entire duration of the film, trust.


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Dani said...

was waiting for this!!! Thanks for posting, I can't wait to go see this