Friday, October 30, 2009

Sorry LAME

*Did her hair ever grow back? these nasty hair extensions are getting a lil extreme. If a black girl tried shakin her ass in choppy extensions she'd be lynch by her best friends...and then they'd steal that weave right off her head, tracks and all!

Britney's new video for the sucktastic "3" is just as bad as the song!

Its catchy. It's Pop. But goddamn, this woman used to actually dance! It's like she has completely forgotten pop starts have to know how to dance...and remind us every now and again. It's great she can do a "beyonce pelvis" but was there ANYTHING this choreographer could have set on her?

Maybe something without 7 inch heels on perhaps?

She looks great as most of the time. But this vid is really weak. The other dancers didnt even really do much. From the sneak peak pictures, I thought this would be Queen B a run for her money with "Ego"....nope!

Maybe I just watch too much Bollywood. They are the stars that she should be watching.



E said...

Oh, that song and video from Britney.....WHOREible.


And whoa!!! Another 3 bootylicious girls in leotards from Beyonce.

I would love it if she would at least "back it up" with a song that is worthy of her talent rather than the retarded shit I have been hearing from her.

I'm not really enjoying this particular phase in her life. LOL

I DID love the hair she's wearing in Ego.

The Dahlia said...

Yeah its true, the song isn't showcasing her talent..just some T and A. and what gloriously fierce T and A it is! my joey and I know the whole "Ego" dance. I did it at a party not too long ago and people were really happy with it hahaha