Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Ok guys. Think Blair Witch only with better acting, better camera work, and you thankfully only have to be "shaken camera-ed" around a house and not a fucking forest.

The story centers around Katie and Micah (like singer Mika) as they try to understand the strange goings on in their home. Katie explains that its happened since childhood and will hopefully go away. Well Micah is a boyfriend and decides to take it upon himself to solve the problem and in doing so ruins the rest of their lives. Even the psychic in the movie does a full on "peace homies" on the couple.

Fantastic acting by Mark Fredrichs, Katie Featherstone (who reminded me of Pam from The Office the ENTIRE movie) and Micah Sloat but the ending is about as shiteous as they can get. For a second I thought the phone would ring and we'd hear "7 days" whispered through it. Why did it suck? cause they let Steven Speilburg pick the ending apparently. Or so wiki would have me to somewhat beleieve. The sad part is that there are alternate endings that sound fucking PERFECT.

But we have to save something for the massive DVD re-release don't we?

I will say without a doubt this is NOT the scariest movie I've ever seen. Not even close. The Ring was actually scarier than this movie and I am not joking even slightly! But if you want to see some great improv acting I'd say check it out on dvd...

Oh and no I am not scared to be alone in my home. To be honest if I were haunted by anything, I'd want it to have more balls and be a bit more creative in its haunting of me. There I said what everyone else has been thinking!!

Now watch, I'm gonna get thrown across the room and have to put powder all over my nice clean floor


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