Thursday, October 15, 2009


So swine flu isn't fun. I knew after making some very funny jokes about 9/11 with a friend that I was probably gonna get it as Karma....

In other news

-A boy took off in an air balloon and now he's missing cause he probably fell out of it! The Dahlia Post thinks its morbid and hilarious...such a bitch

-Someone punched Leona Lewis so she decided to cancel her life. Get over it! Be a DIVA!

-Lady Gaga is mooching off of my second favorite Sasha Fierce song "Video Phone" man. It'll be catchy since the girl is made to be so, but Beyonce doesn't need Gaga!

and last but not least. No body cares about the Kardashians anymore. I have felt the shift go from love to hate. All cause of Klo and Kourt! Poor Kim...

PS Tracy Morgan's ladies like it in the butt

"I like fucking ass! Ain’t nothin’ like the butthole. The ass is a delicacy, goddamn it. I’d put hot sauce on it. You got to be willing to do anything to please your woman, to satisfy her. I didn’t invent it. You think I was the first one to think of having anal sex with a girl? Hell, no. I’m quite sure Adam fucked Eve in the ass. In the Garden of Eden he tore her ass up."

- Tracy Morgan


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