Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey Hey! That's racist!

Harry Jr. (who I love and adore and have a huge crush on btw) was on the aussie show "Hey Hey, its Saturday!" recently and was treated to some good ole fashion blackface!

This is Harry "I love black culture" Connick Jr!!!! of course he wouldn't enjoy racism at its best.

I really enjoyed the female judges take on the performance too. Pretty sure there's a whole grip of colored spades in Austrailia anyway..wouldn't they find it just as offensive...worrisome huh?

Hats off to Harry for saying what everyone else was thinking. If they tried that shit here "hey hey, no more show."



E said...

I've been discussing this on a message board recently.

Australia is in a different place in terms of "political correctness", I think. This is not meant to excuse, just a statement of what I believe is likely true of the culture. HCJ himself has been on Mad TV with brown (not jet black) make-up, immitating a black preacher, so some people are calling him a hypocrite. That jet black shoe polish look is associated with stereotypes that are seriously frowned upon in our culture, and you'd think Aussies would know that, and at the very least, postpone that act for a time when the panel of judges did not include an American. But, I dunno, maybe they really were THAT clueless. (although, it was not HCJ who "gonged" that act, it was the other male judge, whom I believe was Aussie...perhaps he just gonged it based on the fact that they suck, rather than the stupid make-up)
In any case, I think it was good that HCJ expressed how he felt about it. One thing he said that rubbed me the wrong way though was, "...we have spent so much time trying to not make black people look like buffoons..."

I REALLY think he should have expressed that thought differently.
It makes me cringe. KWIM?

E said...


(Who is totally not a baby anymore, and that hurts my feelings, still.)