Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why Jennifer's Body is actually a good movie

So I just got back from a late night screening of Jennifer's Body. I kind of just wanted something I hadn't heard or cared a lot about and it was between this and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball...

First off...I was one of a total of 5 girls in the theater by the time the movie began, and I was also the first to arrive of those 5!!! The average age was about 17.

The movie itself is about two friends, one a plain jane, the other a hottie fosho. After Hottie Fox gets mixed in with a band from out of town, shiz hits the roof and it turns out she's become a monster who eats boys (and girls sometimes too..). It sounds silly and a lot of it is very campy and sarcastic. There's lots of random slow motion shots of Megan Fox which makes me worried she'll go the rout of Rose McGowan (from Jawbreaker, a somewhat similarly toned film) or even worse...Denise Richards! Anyway a few things its got going for it:

1) Its got great unknown casting going on. Besides Fox, everyone else is known for their fantastic character acting. This is a plus side to having the story be from Diablo Cody.

2) ITS GORE EXTREME. Megan must have had major fun with all the squishy props and makeup.

3) It's a straight up homage to 80's black comedies like Heathers and has lots of old school Buffy elements to it (both the film and the tv series) in a very good way. The only thing missing was a cameo from Christian Slater and Winona Stealer.

I say if you ever wanted Joss Whedon to write a sequel to Heathers mixed with Ginger Snaps and Jawbreaker....see this movie.

I guess this is reason 4 why megan fox isn't all that bad.

*PS if you haven't seen any of the movies I're a capitol L loser, K?


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