Saturday, September 26, 2009


*effects of my awesomeness..

This is a fruitless endeavor! What genius over at Warner Bros. thought it was a good idea to remake a Barbra Streisand classic?

Regardless of the stoopidty behind it, a remake of A Star Is Born seems to be picking up momentum as a hot new writer has just been signed to draft up the script.

Along with the scribe being set, rumors are floating around that the execs are looking to cast Beyonce in the lead role. Nothing official has been mentioned as of yet about her joining the project, though.

At least they are thinking in the right vein for casting this thing. Beyonce would be perfect in the role.

We just hate when they remake movies that are already timeless!

Can we please all collectively gasp that this gay man doesn't know that A Star is Born 76 is a remake OF A REMAKE.

Yes folks there is a 30's version of this, a 50's version and a 70's version. Way to go fagalicious, this Fag Hag just pwned your ass..


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