Saturday, September 12, 2009

Party in the USA!

I am super in love with Miley Cyrus this weekend! This girl may be a skankalank at 16...yes thats right 16. same age as BritBrit when she was lookin like a virginal country lolita but shes got a set of lungs and some really cute beats! "Party in the USA" is her latest radio single. While I would say the "USA" part sounds like a Japanese to english cross over title...its catchy!

You probably won't hear much about this girl again from me for a while unless she does another hilarious publicity stunt that angers the asian community, like those ca-chink pics she took a hot minute ago...* HAHAHHA I still laugh.

But I am saying here and now...Miley Cyrus is my homegirl (Hanna Montana still sucks cause the premise is idiotic). She's not britney tho...


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