Monday, September 28, 2009


A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

Ok so it doesn't look that bad. It still looks bad but not all of it. mostly its the stuff that was in the first one that they are replaying that is appealing to me... It's nice to see some familiar faces like Kyle Gallner who is also in Jennifer's Body
playing Nancy's bf aka Johnny Depp *le sigh*. Oh and Kellan Lutz is hot eye candy for all you Twikids. I also LOVE that Jackie Earle Haley is the new Freddie. He has played some really strong characters in the past. His "freddy" will no doubt be more emotional. Maybe even pitiful?

But still. Why not just do a redo like they did with Psycho. Or use the same script, different actors and camera angles. BAM new movie.

Thats actually a good idea...

Freddy has a special place in my heart. I remember being a wee one asking my mother to take me to see one of the movies..who knows if it was playing or not in theater but I really wanted to see this Kruger at a young age. Fascinating.


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