Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I was JUST thinking about him today!

Very happy to hear Oliver Hudson at least getting a baby bump mention in the news... by way of his wife of course!

I remember watching him in the american version of " The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rockstar". It was very funny and pretty fresh for 2002 post NINE ELEVEN television.

My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star - "Sell Out" from Ian Johnson on Vimeo.

Unfortunately they WB didn't want to hire anyone to continue making episodes once the remade ones had been filmed, and the show went to hell.

Hilar though how canadian tv shows always have a very heavily fad influenced feel to it when they premiere in the US....hmmm

PS: Why was I even thinking about this show? Well The Kinks "All day..." was on and I breifly rememberd hearing a version more modern on tv...just happened to be this show..thats all. Anyone who finds a copy of that version gets a cyber cookie :-)


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