Sunday, September 27, 2009

He's 76 and I'm pretty sure she lied..

* Roman and Sharon...such a tragic end to a beautiful couple right?!

The popo finally got Roman Polanski in Switzerland this weekend.

Here's the story for anyone not in the know with popular culture before 1990:

Roman Polanski is this super talented french director who was married to sharon tate...yes the girl the Manson Family slaughtered while she was pregnant with their only child. After a decade of crazy probably boiling in his head and some great films he has this total moment of LA Story. He hooks up with a young hot thang..only shes 13 years young and he got her all liquored up 70's party style and after her parents found out, she said "rape".

**This is my theory. maybe hes a horrid man who raped her with the most pleasant techniques I've ever heard of in a rape case.

Anyway about oh...30 some odd years later with the victim now on Polanski's side to get the case dropped and he's finally apprehended and will be sent here for court.

He is 76! and an international treasure....and the girl isn't even a part of the case anymore!

hope he doesn't die cause of this...

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