Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alright madge

Celebration is growing on me. It's mostly because thats what its supposed to do as a pop song! After enough plays, a catchy part of it should be stuck in your head right?!

Anyway I wanted to take this apportunity to explain my issue with Madonna.

I LOVE Madonna. who couldn't love someone who used to be this

The problem I had with her started in 1999-2000 when she got together with whats his face and started to become "british madonna". For some reason the music then was just TOO gay club for even me! She began to lack the poetry and retrospective she once had. While she danced around like a child on stage..her songs didn't reflect someone who was almost 40. Her depth had simply become the tracks that never got mention.

I miss 90's madonna but I think maybe she may find a happy medium now that she isn't mum on everything...

She still needs to remember though that one scandal could end it all. Even Queens get beheaded!


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E said...

The song isn't as awful as some of her recent stuff has been, but I saw the video today, and this, like the others, had too much freaking CROTCH. Her daughter seemed to be the only one who kept her legs closed. (She looked cute and OMG so much like her mother.)

All that crotch just skeeves me out. I just wanted to tell them all to stop taking me there, but that's Madonna, it seems. Her crotch has always had that "open invitation" thing going on.


I liked her hair though.

I miss mid to late 90's Madonna. That was the only time I ever actually purchased one of her cds (and then ended up giving it to you. LOL)myself.

Human Nature, Unconscious, Frozen, Little Star (aaaw, because that was the song for Raven's welcoming ceremony)Ray of Light, etc... those were among the songs I actually liked.

I was in close company with so many Madonna loving queens in HS and college, though, I was always listening to or looking at Madonna because of them.

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