Monday, August 17, 2009

You can't turn a ho....

As we all know (or should know) my long time favorite couple Katie Price and Peter Andre called it quits this summer. Never the one to let victory slip through her long hot pink nailed fingers, Katie already has a new loverboy, cage fighter Alex Reid, to keep her and her beautiful children company.

Pete doesn't agree with this however and has made a huge stink over Katie makin out in front of the kids witha dude he's never met.

Thats not Katies fault Pete! We all know you've got lots of cars to drive over and introduce yourself in!!

Madonna did the same thing with her Jesus Toy and everyone thinks its fantastic and liberating for her! Cougar central! But if beautiful young Katie wants to find herself a hunk cage fighter to introduce to her super young and not too bright children, the world says a collective "no!" to her. Instead, Peter has been on a very strong "poor me" campaign (complete with pictures of him being a good daddy for the cameras) saying Katie is a disgrace for getting a new beau so quickly..

I say more power to you Katie! Your marriage how ever cute and charming and witty as it was, is over because you couldn't be yourself! A skank is always a skank and as young as she is, she deserves to keep playing while she still looks like a stunna!

SHE was the bread winner for that family so we could have guessed when she was told to stay home with the kids while Peter worked on his "comeback" that it wouldn't end well. Sometimes its best to be Mr. [wifes name].

Take a lesson from Mr. Stefani....

PS the cameras are still rolling for what can only be Katie's new solo tv show. The uncropped version of Katie and Alex kissing has a production crew filming the kids. YES!

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