Monday, August 24, 2009


I never watch singing talent shows on tv or online but I'm really glad I caught this one thanks to Ben!

Now I never thought Susan Boyle was all that great. Gasp all you want, she just didn't do it for me and I thought her entire 15 minutes of fame was bullshit! But THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE FAMOUS! This is how you audition for something you are passionate about! It took me half way through to realize from the video title that this wasn't a end of the season performance! Now his vocals are shaky but give this guy even a week of good training and he's got more talent than half the dudes rockin it out there. No joke.

Oh also could he be any hotter? yumtastic! He looks like Jonathan Schaech only not as eerie.

PS.. fucking duh, Simon. Of course he's the best first audition you've ever seen. Jackass...


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E said...

I LOVE how Simon was the first one to get up on his feet after that!
Oh is he cah-yoot!