Monday, August 31, 2009

okay chris, say you AREN'T a douche bag...

You still beat someone up. So at least say sorry and mean it in regards to that! To be honest, no body really cares what you did anymore. I'm pretty sure this entire situation has put both of your careers to rest in terms of longevity. This time next year no one will care about either one of you! So just say "hey man...bitch pissed me the fucks off!" and leave it at that.

If anything you should have just used it to your advantage to be thug life forever!

I will say though that I've lost my temper many a time and been able to recall very little of it later on. it DOES happen. Especially when you are in a rage, not just upset. So its a very real possibility. It also should be mentioned that people who have grown up in abusive families do tend to have one or two violent outbursts in their life that endangers others. its not a regular thing.

Maybe Chris really is a changed man...but he REALLY needs to start memorizing his answers so he sounds convincing.


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