Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hi studdles....

So the long story short version of this story is this guy who'd had one too many trips in the 60's started lookin for that special lady to have forced sex with, got caught with a lady locked in a storage facility and was put in jail. Gets out in the 80's and lives life as a convicted sex offender

only here's the kicker!

Dude kidnapped a girl and kept her in a compound in his backyard till like....a week ago! She had 2 of his children that hes raised with his wife (what a catch gurl!) and all of his neighbors feel like jackasses cause they can see and hear children in the fenced and tarp ridden backyard of a sex offender and didnt think "hey....i cant see in there...and hes not supposed to have kids over there...".

but no one must feel as stupid as the po po that totally went to his house a number of times! And of course his parole officer hes seen regularly up until last MONTH.

Seriously guys...where are our priorities? 18 years and shes been in the same mu-fuckin house?

Anyway I hope to see a really well developed investigation of this guy. We haven't had a real certifiable crazy person in the media for a while! I'm guessing schizophrenia with an obvious sexual deviance or 2...or 5. He says that his life has turned around and that he actually created a very normal functioning family, heartwarming even. His two daughters, which were described as "Little House on the Prairie robots", know nothing about the past. The kidnapped girl? Well she's in love with him too! His wife he met in prison when her uncle was locked up. He pretty much has his bitches trained, right??

Don't hate the pimp...

But in all seriousness, its a shame whats happened to all of the innocent people he's effected. But its an even bigger shame that the very system that is in place to help those with dysfunctional psychological patterns was the same system that let this slip through their fingers for about as long as I've been alive.

ps he has a blog!


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