Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bullshit Call

From Perez:

It takes criminal charges for a woman beater to get the point!

Chris Brown's February assault on Rihanna was not an isolated incident, as the domestic abuser was involved in (at least) two unreported acts of violence toward his ex-girlfriend.

According to a probation officer’s report, the first incident happened in Europe about three months prior to the February assault during a heated dispute between the pop stars. Rihanna slapped Chris and he responded by shoving her into a wall.

If that wasn't enough, during a trip to Barbados in January, the two got in an argument in their rented Range Rover. Chris exited the vehicle and smashed both the driver's and front passenger side windows. The pop stars were able to cover up that incident.

We're surprised RiRi wasn't injured! Not to mention that she stayed with him so long!

Ok I'm sorry but considering there are paps around these two 24/7, I find it hard to believe they could cover up these fights in public. PLUS, now we know from this that Rhianna could be an instigator. Stop fucking hitting each other!!!!! The Dahlia says "use your words!"

P.S. as I've said before....Rhianna is half to blame for getting her face mangled cause she stayed with someone that mangles faces!


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