Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why Michael Jackson was the shit

Okay. A LOT of people are complaining that MJ was a horrible pedophile who doesn't deserve all the recognition ad respect hes getting. A lot of people simply don't get the shear greatness and grand scope of his celebrity. Some people are just plan cold hearted when it comes to people dying.

Heres the basics.

Michael Jackson was a BIG FUCKING DEAL! I mean if ever there was a big deal, he was it. Rarely are there performers who have such longevity. This man went through 4 specific musical fads and struck gold with every single one. Bubble gum 60's, funky 70's, the electronic 80's and the international 90's. He reached out to people others would turn a cheek to. He understood the power of love and its healing properties like only true empaths could.

Not one person in this world can say that they are more successful than Michael Jackson. To those who have never sat down with one of his albums...do so now. His earlier solo work is a prime example of why people considered him a genius. His innovative dance techniques matched with his poetic lyrics are why the streets were closed today. Why every station paid tribute. Why the world collectively shed a tear. His life was our life because he allowed us into his heart with every song he created. We were his friends, he'd said so himself. The guy never had true friendship besides the friendship he knew and felt from his billions of fans. We mourn the loss of a FRIEND! a comforting voice and a reminder of what true passion and hard work can achieve.

To those who say we shouldn't respect a "monster". I want you all to remember that not one person is without faults. I don't think the majority of the world sees him guilty, which says something. Not that we are blind to the truth, but see it clearly and without difficulty. We see that such a sensitive and caring person could not possibly be guilty of every word written in the hundreds of pages of slander and hate. I read those documents as a compilation of every feared child molestation scenario available. That is why I personally chose not to believe them. Innocent until proven guilty is what we should all understand and come to terms with. If anything...simply don't speak ill of the dead at this point. If ever a man deserved respect, it was a 50 year old man who had worked for 45 of them. A man who supported his large family for 25 of those years. A man who's physical and mental abuse showed through his years of self mutilation and inadvertently created what we considered the face of a monster. What some may not realize...is that monster......was a human being at the end of the day. A son, brother, father, friend, and lastly an artist for the books.

Michael was an inspiration to us all. He saw comradeship where we see division.

If it weren't 110 degrees outside..I'd climb a tree in remembrance.



jennifer smith-nakata said...

oh my goddddddddddddd i cried all day and now i feel sick.

dani said...

I cried for the whole 3 hours memorial too. Tears were falling as soon as I caught the first glint of his golden casket.

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