Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They just posed them...

Don't get me wrong, these dresses are beautiful! but its hard not to notice they posed the women almost exactly the same to get the thin result. One leg in front of the other. Usually in the before, the woman is standing wider to take up more space. In the after her feet are pressed together in high heals so yo can only see the thin top of the foot. I'm glad they are showing in an obvious way that flats aren't slimming though. They also ruin your legs just about as much as heels ruin your feet (ever wonder why your grandmas feet were just shapes? HEELS FUCK UP FEET!)

It also doesnt help that the after shots are made up and in front of a white backdrop. Everything looks good with a white backdrop. It's a photographers liquid dream.

I guess my problem is that these came from

I have a longstanding disliking of Oprah. I remember once in a very black salon the stylists were explaining to one another why Oprah wasn't all that. I remembered wanting to say "oh and she thinks she's fat all the time and needs to be thin" but i was 8 and kept quiet. Oprah is fat. She was made to be fat. I have no idea why its taking this woman forever to realize what I did at 20...I won't be a size 6 but I'm going to enjoy the hell out of my body now cause it can only get worse from here...

This entire "Dress 10 pounds thinner" thing is fine if you dress yourself in a hefty bag every day (which would be really funny if you're fat) but these before pictures werent that bad! Men like a little giggle check out. Its other WOMEN who want you to the men wont gawk at that booty baby!


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